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Keeping your vehicle in good running condition helps to keep you on the road longer. Having your vehicle tuned up is part of regular maintenance that you should do according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. At Horeb Auto Repair, we use OEM parts when we do a tune-up on your vehicle, so you know you are getting quality maintenance with quality parts.

Our automotive repair shop is family-owned, so you are sure to get personalized service for your vehicle. We commit first to quality, then to affordable tune-up services, which means that we won’t sacrifice quality for cost, but will locate the best price on OEM parts for your vehicle to keep our tune-up prices affordable.

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What Is a Tune-Up?

The tune-up service has changed with the advent of electronic ignition. Older vehicles had distributors, caps, rotors, plugs, wires, coils, and points that all needed changing or adjusting. Now, vehicles still have plugs and coils, but you’re more likely to find coil-on-plugs and no plug wires. The plugs still need to be changed, and it’s possible that once or twice in the life of a vehicle, you’ll need to change the coils.

Today’s vehicles still need a tune-up, but it might include just the plugs, which are not as easy to change as they once were, thanks to the newer ignition design with the coils sitting on top of the plugs. While it does make a tune-up more difficult, it also reduces the need to replace other ignition parts, such as wires, caps, rotors and points.

Why Your Vehicle Needs a Tune-Up

The spark plugs ignite the air and fuel mixture in each cylinder on the ignition stroke. Depending on the rpm – revolutions per minute — you are running, that can be anywhere from 800 or so at an idle to upwards of 6,000 or better when you are running all out. Most vehicles run at about 2,000 to 3,000 revolutions per minute going down the highway. On acceleration, the engine might hit 3,500 before it drops as it shifts from first gear to second. This also depends on your vehicle and how it is geared.

When you have this many little sparks coming off the spark plugs, it stands to reason that the electrodes will eventually wear out. While you can gap the plugs to account for the wear, if you’re going to remove them, you might as well replace them, so you get the best performance from the plugs.

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend spark plugs to be replaced at 60,000 to 100,000 miles. The time frame depends on the manufacturer and the brand and type of plug it uses. Some plugs have the ability to go for 150,000 miles, though that is rarely recommended by auto technicians.

Choosing Horeb Auto Repair for Tune-Up Service in Houston TX

When it’s time for a tune up service in Houston TX, contact Horeb Auto Repair for an appointment. We’ll make sure that your vehicle gets OEM parts and the service is done correctly the first time. We’ll also check other wear and tear maintenance items, including the belts, hoses, coils, tires, brakes, air filter, and fluids. If needed, we’ll top off the fluids for you.

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