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Horeb Auto Repair in Houston provides tune-ups, oil changes, A/C service, diagnostics, brake service, engine repair, and more near Katy Fwy in Houston, TX. We are a family-owned and operated auto repair shop with certified technicians who work on all models, including (but not limited to) Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Dodge, Nissan, Volkswagen, Audi, Infinity, Lincoln, Acura, Toyota, Buick, Honda, Mazda, and Mitsubishi.

Our ASE Certified technicians in the Houston area provide auto care and customer service with a fast response rate without sacrificing quality. We provide a shuttle service for those who need to drop off their vehicles and get to work, and our auto repair facility has a comfortable waiting area if you need to wait for an oil change or other small car repairs.

If your vehicle needs repairs or it is time for regular maintenance, contact Horeb Auto Repair in Houston, TX for an appointment.

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Horeb Autorepair Inc. is committed to producing the highest quality products, maintaining lasting relationships, providing excellent service and maintaining a safe work environment.

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Professional Auto Repair and Maintenance

When looking for an auto repair shop that you can trust to take care of your vehicle with quality work and proper diagnosis, make sure it is a professional auto repair shop that has ASE certified technicians. An auto repair shop with a combination of certified technicians, state of the art equipment, and great service is an auto repair shop you can trust with the care of your vehicle. Keeping your vehicle in good working order saves you money in the long run since the vehicle will last much longer. The average car loan is six years and is over $500 per month. Keeping your vehicle in good working order means that it will last much longer than the first six years of its life, thus saving you from making a car payment for many years after you finish paying it off. Additionally, keep in mind that when something breaks on your car, it almost always affects other parts. For example, if you let the brake pads get too low, you will have additional repairs that could become expensive, including replacing calipers, rotors, and in some cases, even brake lines. Putting off a seemingly minor repair, such as a minor tire alignment, could eventually do enough damage to cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A vehicle that is out of alignment can damage tires and even damage suspension components. Contact our auto repair shop in Houston, TX for an appointment for reasonably priced car repair.

Houston, TX Car Tune-Up

Part of the maintenance program for any vehicle is a tune-up. Spark plugs, wires — on vehicles that still use them, coils and coil packs, and other ignition parts are integral to keeping your vehicle running efficiently. Bad ignition components cause various engine trouble codes because they affect the mixture of gas and air in the intake and exhaust. If the mixture has too much gas, the vehicle is running “rich.” Too much air means it’s running “lean.” Rich and lean mixtures affect various sensors, including the oxygen sensor and exhaust gas recirculation components. These sensors send information to the engine control unit (ECU), which then attempts to make adjustments based on these readings. The ECU can only adjust the intake of air and fuel to a certain extent before the vehicle starts running poorly or, in some cases, doesn’t run at all. Because of the number of sensors affected by poorly maintained ignition components, it is imperative to keep your vehicle properly tuned. Contact us for an appointment for a tune-up on most makes and models.

Houston, TX Oil Change

Oil changes have come a long way. When you used natural engine oil, you had to change the oil every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever came first. Now, most vehicles use synthetic oil and have an oil change maintenance interval of 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Using synthetic oil doesn’t mean that you can wait to reach 10,000 miles, especially if you drive in harsh conditions, such as in the mountain, on days where temperatures reach 90 degrees and above, and other harsh conditions. Synthetic oil doesn’t break down like natural oil, but it does get dirty — and dirty oil can clog the oil galleys and the oil pump, thus causing you to spend thousands on an engine rebuild or a new engine. Even if you use full synthetic oil, oil changes are still an important part of maintenance.

Horeb Auto Repair; Auto air conditioning services in Houston Tx

Houston, TX A/C Service

Nothing is worse than getting in your vehicle on a hot and humid morning and finding out your air conditioning isn’t working properly. The weather in Houston, TX is a guarantee that you have to have air conditioning in your car. The best way to minimize a/c problems is to have the air conditioning system checked at least twice per year — once in the spring and again in the fall. During the fall, we can also make sure your car’s heater is working properly. From the air compressor to the heater core, repairs on most makes and models become expensive if you let them get out of hand. We’ll check for coolant leaks and make sure the compressor, fans, switches, and all other parts of the HVAC system are working properly at the beginning of the season.

Houston, TX Engine Repair

A true full-service auto repair shop knows how to do major engine repairs. Our Houston, TX repair shop provides a waiting area for minor engine repairs that don’t take long and provides a shuttle service for those engine repairs that might take all day or several days. Engine repairs range from replacing sensors to rebuilding the engine or even replacing the engine. The ASE certified technicians at our auto shop provide a quick response rate, even on jobs that take more than one day. They also provide customers with updates on repair and maintenance for cars that take longer so you’re not left wondering. Major engine repairs range from replacing camshafts and oil pumps to replacing the entire engine. Timing chains and timing belts are also considered major engine repairs since most take at least a day. Other common engine repairs include:
  • Valvetrain repair
  • Replacing intake manifolds
  • Replacing camshafts
  • Replacing oil pumps
  • Replacing crankshafts
  • Cam bearings
  • Crank bearings
  • Harmonic balancers
  • Variable valve timing issues, including variable camshaft timing solenoids and cam phasers

Horeb Auto Repair; Auto engine replacement in Houston, Tx

Houston Area Engine Replacements

In some cases, car repairs for the engine simply do not make any sense. It’s sometimes cheaper to replace the engine. In some cases, such as when customers do not change the oil, letting it become thick enough so that it blocks the oil from getting from the oil pan to the rest of the engine on newer vehicles with variable valve timing, it’s less expensive to replace the engine because of the amount of cleaning and the number of parts that can’t be saved. Houston engine replacement can take several days, depending on the complexity of replacing the engine and the amount of time it takes to deliver a new or pre-owned engine. Cars with front-wheel drive are usually more difficult than cars with rear-wheel drive. However, even rear-wheel-drive vehicles are difficult if the manufacturer crammed a big engine in a small space under the hood or if the engine is located in the middle of the vehicle. In many cases, the transmission has to come out when the engine comes out. If we have to pull the transmission, we can check the input shaft, flywheel, U-Joints, and other exterior parts of the transmission. We also recommend doing a transmission service after replacing an engine, just to ensure that the transmission maintenance is up to date.

Houston Transmission Repair

In many cases, the transmission has to come out when the engine comes out. If we have to pull the transmission, we can check the input shaft, flywheel, U-Joints, and other exterior parts of the transmission. We also recommend doing a transmission service after replacing an engine, just to ensure that the transmission maintenance is up to date. Other transmission repair services we can do include transmission services and clutch replacements.

Auto Brake Repairs Houston, Tx; Horeb Auto Repair

Houston, TX Brake Repairs

The brake system is one of the most important systems in a car. You can’t drive a car with a bad engine, bad brakes, or bad tires — at least not safely. Brake pads are a “wear and tear” item, which means that they need to be replaced every few years, depending on your driving habits. Each brake pad has a metal tab. When the brakes get too low, the metal tab rubs the rotors, which makes an annoying sound. This is to tell you that you need brake repairs. There is no other way to say this, except directly. Do not ignore squeaky brakes. Those metal tabs and the metal backing plates on the brake pads will dig into the rotor. If your vehicle’s rotors have already been turned at least once, the technicians will not be able to turn them again. Turning a rotor means you smooth out any imperfections in it. Brake pads must have a smooth surface to be fully functional. Additionally, if the brake pads dig too deeply into the rotor, you will have to replace the rotor, even if you’ve never had it turned before. Finally, if you allow the brake pads to get too low, the calipers could overextend. The only way to repair that problem is to replace the calipers, and possibly the brake lines. A vehicle’s brake system has many parts that rely on other parts, and when one goes bad, it almost always affects other parts of the brake system if you let the problem ride.

Houston Area Tire Rotation and Balance

When you bring your car to a family-owned repair shop, we check your tires to make sure the tread is wearing properly, and to make sure they do not need to be rotated. The general rule is to rotate the tires whenever you get an oil change. Tire rotation helps make the tires last longer since anything that is wearing them doesn’t continue wearing at the same time. Since it’s best to replace all four tires at the same time, this helps make sure all tread wear is even. Even if you do not need other work and it’s been three to four months since you’ve had the tires rotated, bring your car in for that service. You can wait in our waiting room while we rotate the tires since the response rate is quick. While we rotate the tires, we can check the brake system for you since having the tires off makes it easy to see the brakes. You’ll leave knowing that your tires and brakes are in good condition. If we do notice that your brakes are getting low, we’ll be able to tell you if you need brake service immediately or if it can wait a few weeks.

Horeb Auto Repair, Family owned and operated business in Houston Tx

Benefits of Trusting a Family-Owned and Operated Car Repair Shop in Houston, TX

When you choose a family-owned and operated auto repair shop in Houston, TX, you know your car will be taken care of. You are not just a number like you would be at other repair shops and dealerships. Since we care for our customers, we try to make auto repair as painless as possible. Before we do any work on your car, we’ll call you to explain the problem, the cost to repair it, and the amount of time it will take for repairs. If you do need to wait for us to finish the repairs to your car, you can sit in our comfortable waiting area or you can use our shuttle service if you need to get to work or home if you live nearby. You also get the perks of our ASE certified technicians becoming familiar with your car, including each repair we’ve done on your vehicle. We keep a record of all of the car care we perform, whether it’s regular maintenance and service or major repairs. We keep track of the warranty on parts that we use, which adds to the great service we provide our customers.

ASE Certified Auto Repair

Our Houston auto repair facility is one of the repair shops that use ASE certified technicians to make sure every job on all of the makes and models that we service is done correctly and quickly for each customer. Having ASE certified mechanics working on your car is part of the excellent customer service we provide for you. Because manufacturers are always adding new features to cars, repair shops must keep up with the technology in order to provide excellent customer service. We also train on and use state of the art equipment to ensure that we meet all of your expectations for each repair, no matter how minor to complex it is.

Contact Horeb Auto Repair in Houston, TX

Whether you need regular maintenance, light service, or extensive repairs, contact our ASE certified technicians at Horeb Auto Repair in Houston, TX to schedule an appointment. You can also have your car towed to our shop if you break down on the road. Just give the driver our name and address, then give us a call to let us know the driver is on the way with your car.