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Keeping up with all maintenance on your vehicle is important, but keeping up with oil changes is one of the most important services you can do. An engine has thousands of moving parts with close tolerances that need lubrication and cooling. The closer the tolerances, the more heat the moving parts generate. Since dirty oil is not as efficient as clean oil, it doesn’t keep the engine as cool, nor does it provide as much lubrication in close tolerances.

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When it’s time for an oil change, contact Horeb Auto Repair for an appointment. During your oil change, we will also check for other issues.


Checking for Other Issues During an Oil Change

We look for other issues during an oil change service so that you are not surprised when something fails. Some of the things we look for include:

  • Oil leaks.
  • Coolant leaks.
  • Brake fluid leaks.
  • Power steering fluid leaks.
  • Bad bushings and other suspension issues, including shocks, struts and springs.
  • Tire wear for worn tires, incorrect air pressure, and suspension issues.
  • Brake pad wear and gouged rotors.
  • Failing brake lines.
  • Failing belts and coolant hoses.


We’ll let you know if something needs immediate attention of if it something that you should expect to repair soon.

Oil Change Process

To safeguard our customers and their subsequent vehicles from potential mishaps or complete engine failure during future commuting / traveling, we use only industry-leading products, equipment, and techniques during our affordable oil changes.

When you drive into our shop, we’ll check you in, then bring your vehicle in to start the oil change. Once we put the vehicle on the lift, we’ll remove the oil filter and the oil pan drain plug. As the oil is draining, we’ll check under the vehicle for leaks and other issues.

Oil Change in Houston Tx. at Horeb Auto Repair image of mechanic arm draining oil from underneath vehicle

Once the oil has drained, we fill a new filter with oil and screw it onto the oil filter housing. We reinsert the oil pan drain plug. If we take note of an issue, well check it closer so that we can advise you of the problem.

We then lower the vehicle. We’ll fill the engine with the appropriate type of oil as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer, then check the oil with the dipstick. We then check for issues on the top of the engine, such as radiator hoses and accessory belts.

If we see a problem, we’ll write it down so that we can let you know. We’ll then start the vehicle to make sure the oil pressure comes up. If the oil pressure does not come up or the oil light on the dashboard does not turn off, we immediately turn the vehicle off and look for problems.

If the oil pressure increases to the correct pressure or the oil light on the dashboard goes off, we remove the vehicle from the repair bay. We also watch as a mechanic pulls a vehicle out to make sure no oil is leaking from the filter area or the drain plug. We then let the vehicle run for a few minutes and check again to ensure that no oil is leaking.

Contact Horeb Auto Repair

When it’s time for an oil change service, contact Horeb Auto Repair for an appointment.